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If you are studying at an institution that has an Erasmus+ agreement with the Charles University (CU), you are eligable to apply for a study stay at CU. For a successful application, you need to be selected and nominated by your home university. For specific requirments stated by each faculty, please scroll down to the table at the bottom of this website.

At first, you should consult your application with the Erasmus office at your home University. This way, you will ensure that there is an Agreement between your University and the CU. Please note that your nomination can be submitted only by your home university. Information about the nomination process is included in the CU Infosheet. The Erasmus+ coordinators of sending universities who do not have the CU Infosheet are warmly welcome to contact us at  

Nomination deadline

  • Nomination deadline for winter semester/full academic year: 15th April 

  • Nomination deadline for summer semester: 15th September 


Application deadline

  • Application deadline for winter semester/full academic year: 15th May 

  • Application deadline for summer semester: 15th October 

How should I apply?

Once your nomination is accepted by CU, we will send you a confirmation email with further administrative steps. If you were nominated and have not received any information about the application process, please contact us at  

Follow the instructions in the confirmation email. After completing the online application form, please generate the Learning Agreement (LA) from the online application system. After that, please submit the document to your home university coordinator for approval and send the signed LA to CU. Documents should be sent directly to your host faculty ( please see the list of faculties and Erasmus+ coordinators below).   

How to fill in the online application form

When filling in the online application, please consult the points bellow.

Receiving institution section:

  • Important: please make sure that you filled out the right host faculty according to your nomination

  • Please give correct contact details of your host faculty coordinator.

Semester dates

  • Please note that the semester dates for Erasmus+ students are different from those for regular CU students and that they vary at each faculty.

  • Please see the table below and make sure that you fill out the correct dates into the online application since these are essential for your enrollment at the CU.

  • If you are applying for a traineeship/internship, the dates of your stay should be first discussed and confirmed individually with your host faculty coordinator.


  • If you wish to be accommodated at one of the CU's dormitories, please make your reservation in the online apllication section Information about Erasmus. This is the only correct way to book a place at the CU dormitories. The place in the dormitory will be assigned according to the capacities and your host faculty location. Please do not contact the dormitories directly regarding the reservation.

  • Detailed information about the facilities can be found here:

  • Due to limited capacity, we can guarantee double rooms only. Special requirements (eg. single rooms) can be considered only in case of Ph. D. students or students with special medical or other needs. Kindly state such requirements in the relevant online application section and send relevant (medical) documentation proving your requirement to the


How can I select courses for my Learning Agreement (LA)?

  • Students are obliged to select at least 51 % of the courses from their host faculty.

  • Please fill out all the courses you would like to attend.

  • Please select courses from the list of subjects offered for international students (mainly in English language):

  • If you would also like to take courses from faculties other than your host faculty, you are welcome to do so. However, please note that due to capacity or other reasons, your acceptance to the courses may not be guaranteed and should be confirmed at the beginning of the semester. For more information, please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator at the relevant faculty.

  • Changes in your study plan can be done at the beginning of the semester. Please fill your changes into the relevant section of your LA and forward the document to your home university Erasmus+ coordinator and after that to the host faculty coordinator. Please do not send us LA without the faculty coordinator signature.


Documents submission

  • Print out the application form and LA

  • Sign the LA and have it also approved and signed by the department and institutional coordinators at your home university.

  • If you also have your own Erasmus+ forms, the CU online application is still required.

  • Send a scan of the signed forms to the host faculty coordinator.

Additional requirements


Additional requirement

Faculty of Education

B2 Language certificate (or higher)

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Computer Science: transcript of records (ENG), English B2+

Physics: transcript of records (ENG), English B2+

Mathematics: transcript of records (ENG), English B2+, degree plans (ENG)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Latest Transcript of Records, Confirmation of English knowledge level (at least B2) from home university or official certificate

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Medical certificate by a sport doctor (stress ECG test)

First Faculty of Medicine

Vaccination for Hepatitis B;

liability insurance; contact the faculty coordinator before arrival

Second Faculty of Medicine

Required vaccinations are:

hepatitis B vaccination, TBC antibodies test, rubella for girls, valid covid certificate

Faculty of Medicine in Plzen

Vaccination for Hepatitis B; liability insurance - to be updated



  • Students with citizenship outside of the EU and EFTA countries who intend to spend at least 1 semester/more than 90 days in the Czech Republic are obliged to apply for a visa or a resident permit.

  • Please read carefully the detailed information on our website (part II – Visa students):

  • Please bear in mind that the visa issue procedure can take a long time. Therefore, make sure to apply well in advance.


Since the pandemic situation in the Czech republic is changing very dynamically, we highly recommend to check the current information on the official website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Useful information about Covid measures relevant for your study stay is also available on the most of the host faculty websites. In case you fail to find the Covid information on the faculty website, feel free to contact the faculty coordinator.

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove

First Faculty of Medicine

Second Faculty of Medicine

Third Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine in Plsen

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

Faculty of Science

General information about the Covid measures at the Charles university can be found here.


  • For more information, kindly see our website:

  • Your key contact person is your host faculty Erasmus+ coordinator. The faculty Erasmus+ office is in charge of the following issues: details about courses, orientation days, changes in the LA, confirmation of the arrival to Czech Republic, confirmation of the study stay, Transcript of Records, etc.

  • For questions regarding the details about accommodation in dormitories, kindly contact:

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