Instructions for thesis submiting

The submission of theses and dissertations (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, Rigorosum, Associate Professorship) at Charles University is governed by Rector’s Measure no. 72/2017 – Making the Electronic Database of Final Theses Accessible. The measure establishes the required formats for theses and dissertations and annexes. Other aspects may be regulated in measures issued by the dean of the specific faculty.

The program veraPdf, version 1.16, is used for validating PDF/A. The university currently works with its own validation profile, which is updated on a regular basis. The validity of a submitted PDF/A may be verified by saving it in SIS (see the Instructions for Submitting Work in SIS). In addition, please be aware that information on the version and validity of a PDF/A that Adobe Acrobat provides (all versions) is not reliable. We highly recommend that students do not submit their thesis at the last minute. The validity check is carried out in batches, and immediately before midnight, the success of this process cannot be fully guaranteed prior to terminating the requested term.

The following links contain instructions for creating PDF/A 1a or 2u in the specific applications.

Instructions for creating a file with the thesis text as a PDF/A

For all commonly used operation systems, we recommend creating thesis in the freely accessible programs Libre Office and Open Office, which are capable of creating the required PDF/A 1a. See below for detailed instructions and instructions for alternative applications.

We highly recommend using one of the below instruction manuals and not using the pdf printer or online tools. We do not recommend in particular docPrinter from Neevia, which does not create correct PDF/A 1a or 2u files.

Please, do not use Microsoft Office 2007. Software is not able to create PDF/A.

Instructions for submitting work in SIS

Instructions for submitting work in SIS

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