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Persons who have concluded a contract of services with CU, persons who are to have access to CU facilities without having any other relationship to CU, participants in lifelong learning programs, foreign short-term guests, students of other universities staying at CU dormitories, guests staying at CU dormitories, external CU refectory boarders, external CU library users and other persons interested in using services provided by CU (hereinafter referred to as “external users”).


The validity of cards issued in accordance with point 1 is limited to a period of nine years from the date of issue shown on the card. The validity of cards issued in accordance with point 3 is limited to five years from the date of registration.

Non-personalized cards are to be returned by their holders to the relevant faculty or department after expiry or when the purpose for which the card was lent to them is no longer relevant.

Card Types:

- “Personalized cards” – Include personal information, a barcode, a photograph, and a signature strip. Personalized cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose personal details are shown on the card.

- “Non-personalized cards” – Include a barcode, the name of the CU faculty or department to which the use of the card is restricted and, where appropriate, identification of the service for which the card is intended. Non-personalized cards are transferable and can be used by any person to whom they have been lent by a CU faculty or department.

To have a personalized card issued, the holder must provide the necessary personal information and consent to personal data processing within the CU Information System. The holder can provide the necessary information at a card service center and/or at a CU faculty or department, which will then provide the data to the center.

In addition to cards issued under point 1, a student card or an employee card issued by another Czech higher education institution may be recognized as an external user card if it is equipped with a contactless chip compatible with the chip used in the cards referred to in point 1 and if this card has been registered as an external user card at a card service center.


Personalized card - 200 CZK (first issue)

Non-personalized card - 160 CZK (first issue)

The fee for the issuance of a new personalized card is to be paid either by the holder upon the issuance of the card at a card service center or by the CU faculty or department that has requested the issuance of the card, provided the faculty/department has indicated in the information provided that the card holder is not to pay for the card at the card service center.

Coupons confirming the validity of the card in a given academic year and the affiliation of the external user to a particular faculty may be issued free of charge with the external user cards referred to in point 1, provided the faculty expresses interest in providing such coupons and arranges for them to be given out to the relevant card holders. The coupon indicating the academic year shall be valid from 1 July preceding the beginning of the relevant academic year until 31 October following the end of the relevant academic year. Faculties may make their buildings, facilities, equipment, and information technology as well as services accessible only upon presentation of a coupon confirming the card holder’s affiliation to the faculty in addition to the presentation of a valid ID.

Issued At:

Prague, CU Point, Celetná 13,

Prague, Faculty of Law, nám. Curieových 7,

Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ke Karlovu 3,

Hradec Králové, Dormitory Na Kotli, Na Kotli 1147,

Plzeň, Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, alej Svobody 76,

The opening hours and contact information of CU card service centers

Replacement Cards: Personalized CU card - 200 CZK

The card replacement fee is to be paid by the external service user at a card service center regardless of whether the first issuance was paid for by the user or the relevant faculty or department. This fee does not apply to replacement due to a change in personal information or a malfunction of the technical features of the card not caused by the holder.

No fee for a replacement card is charged if the external service user presents a report from the Police of the Czech Republic proving the card was stolen.

CU Internal Regulation:

The use of ID cards at CU is governed by Rector Directive No.39/2023.

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