Culture Beyond Charles University

Outside of Campus Hybernská, you have more options for visiting educational festivals, exhibitions, workshops, or film screenings. Our students enjoy all the cultural events and activities our city offers, as their everyday life is not separated in one central campus but integrated into the public domain.

For information about cultural events happening in Prague, you can visit a website specifically dedicated to current events in Prague or a more general website catering to tourists and foreigners in Prague.

Recommendations from our Students

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a renowned venue for exhibitions located in Prague's Holešovice district. It features a library, a stylish design shop, and a café with an outdoor terrace.

Palac Acropolis, a club in Žižkov, hosts nearly a thousand events annually and is one of the most active cultural venues in Prague. It offers space for music, theatre, visual arts, and film.

Cross Club is a legendary industrial space in Prague's Holešovice area, characterized by its distinctive design. It spans several floors connected by intricate underground corridors.

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