Information for International Students

Foreign candidates, who may study either on the basis of state scholarships or on the basis of reciprocal agreements established by intergovernmental agreements or at their own expense as individual fee-payers, must also pass the university s admissions tests and present a proof of graduation from a secondary school.

Foreign nationals who wish to study as state scholars may apply to Charles University via the representative offices of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

International applicants who wish to study on the basis of bilateral university exchange agreements or under the LLP Erasmus Programme may apply through the international office at their home university. Please note, it will be possible if your home university has exchange agreements with Charles University.

Those who wish to study at their own expense may approach the faculty in which they are interested directly. Individual fee-paying students may study in English in certain subject areas. Information about possibilities of studies in English is available either at the respective study departments of the CU faculties or on their web sites. Another central source of information is the Information and Advisory Centre of CU. Charles University in Prague has an active Centre for Doctoral Studies, which provides information on this level of studies, co-ordinates doctoral studies and deepens intellectual communication between researchers within the academic community and outside it.

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