4EU+ Student Mini-grants: FAQ

What are the possible outputs of the project?

The output of the project can be, for example, a conference, workshop, seminar, round table, publication, community-building events, and similar activities.  

Where can I look for partners from the other 4EU+ universities?

You can join the Facebook group or contact our representatives in the 4EU+ Student Committee that can help you to get in touch with students at other universities. It is important to share with them your project idea or a draft project proposal with planned activities  

  • Student Executive Committee ( '4euplusstudents@cuni.cz')  

How should I plan a budget? Which kind of expenses could be within the allocated budget?

You can divide your budget into several categories, such as:  

  • Travel costs (outgoing mobility of CU students and staff to other 4EU+ university or incoming mobility of 4EU+ guests) 

  • Staff costs (usually in the form of scholarship, short-term contract of employment or bonus for CU employees) 

  • Other costs (materials, rent of the conference premises, refreshments, merch etc.)  

Can external partners be paid as collaborators?

Only 4EU+ partners can be funded from the project (be aware that it is usually not possible to cover them as staff costs but their mobility can be funded). An external partner can join the project at their own expense.

Should all the team members be students? Can an employee of the 4EU+ universities participate?

Any employee from the 4EU+ university can take part in project activities (for example to give a lecture) but should not be considered a team member, since the concept of the grant assumes student project teams.  

I am 1-year bachelor student. Can I apply?

There are no restrictions on the level of the studies and the course year. You should always consider whether your study and other duties will allow you to dedicate enough time to carry out all the project activities. 

I am an Erasmus+ student. Can I apply?

You may be a member of the team, however, the main applicant must be a regular CU student.  

Are two partners from the start necessary, or is it possible to have one partner and set getting the third one as one of the common goals?

When you apply, you need to have a minimum of 2 partners indicated in the project proposal (CU as the main applicant + another partner from another 4EU+ university).  In this case, integration of the third partner must be accomplished during the project phase.  

Is it possible to invite guests from abroad to help facilitate a workshop?

Yes, but only the mobility of guests/lecturers from the 4EU+ universities can be paid from the mini-grant.  

Are the grants paid in advance?  

The grants are administered at the faculties and the rules may vary. Please contact your faculty regarding the payment system for your mini-grant. We recommend getting in touch with the administrative person at your faculty as soon as possible and communicating regularly about your project plans. 

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