On-line Registration

Step by Step On-line Registration Guide

To make the process as easy as possible we have introduced on-line registration as a first essential step. Instead of having to fill in the same data on several different forms, you will enter the data only once with the on-line registration. Please note that this is an obligatory process – so if you have filled in the standard forms (on paper) without registering on-line we must ask that you still register on-line.

On-line registration summary:

1. fill in all data in the required form (e.g. dates: dd/mm/yyyy) - fields marked with * are obligatory

2. submit application

3. you will be asked “Is everything correct?” or notified in case of any mistakes (wrongly filled fields stay white)

4. correct the data, edit with the link “Back” or/and click on “Submit Application” again

5. a confirmation will come up on the screen and you may download your personal documents (Application Form + Learning Agreement) in pdf

6. a confirmation will be sent by e-mail to your e-mail address as well and it will include a link at which you can always find the documents of yours (Application Form + Learning Agreement)

7. download and print the two documents - or alternatively copy the information into a paper form provided by your home university

On-line Registration is available at following websites:

http://www.is.cuni.cz/erasmus  or  https://www.is.cuni.cz/erasmus

In other words:

After filling in the on-line registration form properly and submitting it, you will be offered the chance to check the data again (and edit it if need be). If you have left out essential data or made a mistake you will be notified. Fields marked with * are obligatory and must be filled in.

When you finally submit the form after the automatic checks, all the data that you provided will be sent and stored in a database of incoming students and a confirmation will come up on the screen. The confirmation asks you to download the two important forms with your details already inserted (to protect your privacy not every line from the on-line database will be inserted in printed version - see the article below).

You will be sent a message by e-mail that includes a link at which you can find the filled in forms so that you have the possibility to download them later.

Please then print out these two forms: Student Application Form + Learning Agreement. If you are requested to use the Erasmus application forms of your home university, please, copy the information into those forms instead. We will only confirm your paperwork if each of the pages is marked by your first name and surname!

To fill in the on-line registration you need following data:

Please check before registering that you have collected all the required data: obligatory – non-obligatory (**means that appropriate data will not be included in printed documents).

a) Personal info:

Family name(s); First name(s); Date of Birth; Place of Birth; Sex; **Passport/ID No. /**Valid until; State Citizenship; Permanent address; E-mail contact(s); Phone; Communication language(s); Diploma/degree for which you are currently studying; Number of higher education study years prior to departure abroad; Have you already studied abroad? /At which institution?; Work experience related to current study; Briefly state the reasons why you wish to study abroad?; **I require accommodation in Charles University Halls of Residence/ **Special needs (if any, please specify) concerning your accommodation

b) Home university info:

Name of the University; Full address; Department or Institutional co-ordinator: Name; E-mail; Phone; Fax

!! should be provided by your Erasmus coordinator !!

c) Charles University info:

Field of study; Host Faculty (Charles University); Host Department (Charles University); Faculty Co-ordinator or contact person (Charles University); Period of study at Charles University: Academic year: From-To; Duration of stay (months); No. of expected ECTS credits; Courses: Unit code (if any) and page no. of the information package; Course unit title (as indicated in the information package); Number of ECTS credits

!! should be based on specifications of your study exchange !!

- your coordinator should supply data entered in relevant inter-institutional agreement (field of study, host faculty and department, contact person at CU)

- the offer of courses in English (and in other foreign languages) is responsibility of the appropriate CU faculty:

a list of courses (information package) should be provided on its websites: http://www.cuni.cz/UK-2047.html

Please note that the Learning Agreement to be sent together with your Application Form is only provisional and you may subsequently modify it at Charles University. 

On the other hand, this Learning Agreement is quite an important document because it enables us to learn more about your study interests. Please remember that you are applying for a study exchange and so you should have some study plan as well as a rough idea of what you can study at CU. Therefore the Learning Agreement shows us that that you have serious and specific interests in studies at CU.

Questions about courses etc. should be addressed to the appropriate faculty or (even better) department coordinator at Charles University: http://www.cuni.cz/UKEN-199.html

Please bear in mind that until the printed, signed and stamped forms are sent, you have not yet actually started the application process for your study exchange. The printed out forms are to be checked and confirmed/signed by the relevant coordinators of your university and sent either to the faculty coordinator or to the European Office.

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